How to Sleep with Curly Hair and Look Great

The alarm goes off on another Monday morning. The weekend was hectic and the week ahead is sure to be manic as well. After several times of hitting the snooze button, you leave yourself just enough time to get up and run around frantically trying to get ready in time. Your first pass in front of the mirror makes your eyebrows shoot up and your brow furrow.

There is a serious case of "bed head" standing right in front of you. With naturally curly hair or even wavy hair, there’s no time to fix this. The question is what can you do to prevent it all together? Your life is busy and even if you had time to slow down, you don’t want to spend it all on trying to perfect your unruly hair.

You need techniques and tools that will be quick and easy fixes to turn that frizzy bad hair day into the best day your curls have ever had. There are several effective ways to make certain that your curly hair stays in tip-top shape while you get the rest you need to wake up and shine during your day.

Silk pillowcases, satin pillowcases, a satin scarf or satin bonnet,  leave-in conditioner, baby buttercreme, a sleep cap, anti-frizz serum, air dry, blow dry, French braids... the list of things people have tried is endless. How to sleep with curly hair is difficult but can be achieved with the right preparation. Here is what we think are currently the best ways to preserve and protect your beautiful curls.

The Loose Bun:

Whether you have long hair, or medium length hair, a simple and easy way to protect your natural curls is putting it up in a loose bun while you sleep. For best results, you should put a leave in conditioner in your hair and then scrunch it with gel. Afterward, flip it over and gather it into a loose bun avoiding stretching the curls too much. In the morning you’ll be able to pull the bun down and enjoy perfect curls.

Try Mini Braids:

There’s nothing more simple and easy to do than braiding your hair at night to keep it in place. Experiment with what works for you whether it be several tight mini braids or perhaps looser ones for looser curls. If you’d like you could even put it in one loose French braid. Experiment with tightness and number of braids in order to find the best solution for you personally.

Use a Satin Pillowcase:

Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and therefore can leave your hair dried out and frizzy as a result. Your hair will glide smoothly over a satin pillowcase resulting in much more manageable hair. You may want to incorporate a satin cap as well, just pull your hair loosely into the cap and either use it alone or in addition to the satin pillowcase. 

Try the Pineapple:

This is actually a very popular technique for girls with curls to use. The pineapple gets its name from the shape that is created when you pull your curly hair up into a very high and loose ponytail and then put a band or a scrunchie around it to secure it. When using this technique, all you’ll need to do is spray a little curl refresher on in the morning and you will be good to go with perfectly curly hair.

Use Some Pin Curls:

Here’s a concept that not only saves your curls but actually helps to style them as well. If you have softer curls you might really benefit from using the pin curl technique to achieve big, bouncy voluminous curls in the morning.

Simply pin your curls to your head with a bobby pin at night. Cover them with a satin cap if you’d like though it is not a necessity. In the morning when you wake up, just take the pins out of your hair and your curls will spring to life on your head right before your eyes. This technique is quite impressive and it will only take a few minutes to take the pins out of your hair in the morning. 

Products You Can Use:

There are numerous products out there that can help you maintain your curly hair to the best of your abilities. There are a lot of different options in satin caps, satin pillowcases, and hair scrunchies as well as curl refreshing sprays and shampoos specially created for curls. Although you will have to find the ones that work best for you, there are more highly recommended products out there that have seemed to work for a lot of people.

 Bee Mine Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz:

This is a daily user for naturally curly hair that you will more than likely want in your arsenal. It is loaded with natural Aloe vera and other herbs for a safe and natural product.

Carol's Daughter Refresher Spray:

This is a refresher spray containing agave, wheat protein and sweet almond oil. Frizzy hair can happen to anybody, especially a girl with natural curls. However, this refresher spray is there to chase the frizz away.

Burly Bands:

These are the ultimate in hair ties. They can stand up to thick curly hair and give it the support it needs. Burly bands are one of the strongest hair ties out there but they are also quite flexible. They won’t wear out and they won’t slip in your hair or stretch out over time.

Next Step - Beautiful Curls:

If you’ve been in the mindset that your curly hair is just never going to be manageable and that every morning has to be a bad hair day, well, it just isn’t true.

With these techniques and products, as well as many other products like them out there, you won’t have to worry anymore. Waking up could finally be as simple as spraying a little refresher spray into your hair and moving on with your day.

Just take the time to treat your curls right with any of these techniques and you’ll learn to love the curls you were blessed with—even if you wake up late and don’t have time to do anything whatsoever with your hair.