The Best Bed Sheets for Summer: Keeping Cool

Summer is a time we all love. It’s a time of endless possibilities. Summer comes with longer days and glorious, hot weather, meaning drive-in movies, backyard BBQs, visits to the beach, and outdoor fun.

Summer also often comes with sweaty balmy nights of tossing and turning because you just can’t get the cool comfort you need from your bedding—making a good night's sleep a thing of the past.

If that big duvet cover that kept you all nice and toasty on those winter nights is running you out of bed once the weather begins to warm up, it's time to figure out the best sheets to keep you dry and cool during the hot weather.

So, what are the best bed sheets for summer to keep you cool and ensure a good sleep on a hot summer night?

Picking the Right Sheets:

There are a few guidelines to think about when choosing the best bed linen to reduce your body temperature as much as possible during those hot summer nights.

The thread count, natural fibers and the fabric itself (linen fabric, silk sheets, Egyptian cotton, etc.) right down to the texture and thickness are important factors to consider when searching for optimal performance from a summer sheet. You’re going to want a breathable fabric that doesn’t trap heat in.

The best kind of fabrics for this are fabrics made with natural fibers. The smartest fabric to meet these needs is cotton. Cotton is breathable and comes in a variety of economically-pleasing options.

Another thing to consider, is the weight of your sheets. You may be thinking that lighter weight sheets are best for the summer. This would make perfect sense, right? Wrong! Silk sheets, for example, are really light but they tend to trap heat. On the other hand, percale sheets, which are a cotton blend are heavier, but they are also crisper and allow for the fabric to breathe more.

This tip may seem like it doesn’t really matter but it really does. Summer sheets should be lighter colors. Blacks, dark blues, purples, and dark reds absorb the light that may be coming in through your bedroom window all day long and then at night when you are ready to crawl into the bed that heat is still trapped in the darker-colored sheets.

A nice cool crisp white, pastel or cool light blue sheet is going to do much better at reflecting the light and being cool at the end of a hot day when you’re ready to retire. 

Cotton seems to be one of the best options for a cool breathable sheet but what if cotton sheets are just not your thing for whatever reason? Don’t fret, the outlook is not hopeless for you. Linen sheets can be a great option as well.

Keep in mind to still go for cool light colors instead of darker ones and pay attention to thread count aiming for lower thread counts for breathability but linen can be just as viable a solution as cotton. Linen also succeeds in adding a texture to your sheets that you can’t get with a cotton sheet. If the linen texture is more your style than the slick feel of a cotton sheet then linen may be the way to go for you.

The question is, what is the best of the best? Often people value a higher thread count in sheets as a testament to quality and durability but these type of sheets will just end up losing breathability. Cool crisp cotton or linen sheets in lighter colors with fewer thread counts are going to end up being just what you want from a sheet. I’m including some links below to a few examples of both cotton and linen sheets that present the ideal in cooling summer sheets.

Some Great Options For Summer Sheets:

LL Bean Sheets

Royal Velvet Sold by JC Penney

Cuddle Down

Eileen Fisher

Simple Opulence

The above are just a sample of some of the cooler sheets out there. The important thing to remember when picking out the right sheets for you personally, is that natural fibers breaths better and are, therefore, betters for summer sheets.

Lower thread counts are also better because higher thread count sheets are woven too closely together and cannot breathe. Likewise, lighter colors do not absorb heat like darker colors do, so they will be cooler at the end of the day when you’re ready to go to sleep.

Otherwise, there are all kinds of factors that you will want to personally consider based on preference.

Does white or light blue or maybe a light lavender appeal to you?

Do you like a different light color more than any of these?

Do you like cotton or linen more?

What is your budget?

Answer these questions and go by these guidelines and you should be finding cool comfortable sleep at the end of your hot summer's day.

Although most will go with a more traditional option like the cotton or linen, it should not go unnoticed that there are actually sheets out there that use scientific technology for optimal coolness.

For instance Nanotex is a type of fabric that actually claims to use nanotechnology to completely change the molecular structure for a cooler sheet. Here is a link to a set of Nanotex sheets on

Outlast are another type of sheet that claims to regulate temperature whether you are needing cooler or warmer sheets. These sheets will accommodate you either way. Below is a link to the outlast sleep system page.

If you are looking for a more economic and versatile sheet for everyday use, you are all set with any number of cotton or linen sheets that provide you with all the stipulations necessary for the best cooling experience.

If you are looking to experiment with cooling technology that is scientifically proven, you might want to splurge on one of the more expensive but technologically-advanced sheet sets.

Either way, find sheets that are going to make you happy and relaxed when you are ready to go to sleep. Find a cool sheet that makes sleep time a hassle-free experience so that you feel well rested in order to wake up and tackle your next summer adventure.